Instructions For Authors

Two kinds of contributions are invited:

·       academic-style essays 5000-7000 words in length, and
·       personal-style reflections of up to 1000 words.

These word limits are inclusive of all references, titles, headings, notes and other text.

The deadline for expressions of interest is 15 December 2011.

What should be included in the expression of interest?

For personal-style reflections, you should prepare a full ≤1000 word draft.

For academic-style essays, you should prepare an outline plus a c.1000 word section of the essay as a sample of your writing. If you prefer, you can prepare the full 5000-7000 word draft instead of the outline and section, but this is not essential.

I need to receive two things by the deadline:

(1)   an introductory email that includes your contact details, a 100-200 word bio, and the title of your essay or reflection, and
(2)   a hard copy of your reflection or essay outline and section via snail mail.

I will use the email details to contact you and the hard copy to shortlist the submissions. Please don’t attach any documents to your email as it’s a good way of spreading computer viruses.

Although I ask for a hard copy of the reflection or essay outline and section, saving paper is a virtue, so I welcome submissions that are formatted single-spaced in a standard font no smaller than 10 point, and printed double-sided (especially on recycled paper!). But I accept that this is not always possible.

There is no need for a cover sheet or cover letter with the hard copy submission - use the introductory email for any of that kind of information. Just ensure the title and author name of your essay or reflection matches that listed in your email so I can match them up.

Email your introductory, contact and bio information to lindy.orthia at (to enable email address, delete spaces and change 'at' to @).

Mail your essay or reflection to:

Lindy Orthia
Physics Link Building 38A
The Australian National University
Canberra 0200 ACT

Ensure that you leave plenty of time for your package to get to me. Once in Australia, it will take about 3 days to arrive on my desk.

If your expression of interest is unsuccessful for the book, don’t despair! The blog that is currently an information page about the book proposal will eventually become a place where people can discuss the book and the issues raised within it. It could be a great place to post your unsuccessful reflection or essay, to ensure it reaches an engaged and informed audience.

What happens next?

The proposed timeline for completion of the book is as follows:

Late December 2011-early January 2012
Editor shortlists and then finalises the list of successful expressions of interest, and informs contributors of the outcomes.

January-March 2012
Successful contributors complete a full draft of their essay or redraft their reflection.

April 2012
Editor reviews and gives feedback on all papers. Each successful contributor will also be asked to give feedback on another person’s contribution. All successful papers will thus be critiqued twice.

May-June 2012
Contributors redraft after receiving this feedback.

July-September 2012
Final compilation, editing, indexing, and commentary by the editor.

October 2012
Editor sends complete draft of book to publisher for peer review. The book must pass peer review in order for publication to proceed.

Late 2012/Early 2013
The book is published.

Unforeseen circumstances might disrupt this plan, but hopefully the reality will be close to it.