Updates - at 30 Oct

30 Oct 2011

A potential contributor has asked about payments for contributing to the book. As yet no contract has been finalised, so there is no definitive answer to the question. My ideal outcome would be for all contributors to share equally in the royalties, and that is what I will attempt to negotiate for when finalising the contract. But it may not end up that way so I don't want to falsely raise hopes. What is certain is that no one will be paid upfront - any payments will come out of sales royalties.

I have also tweaked the 'about the editor' section to include my ethnic background and nationality (white Australian of Anglo-Irish descent), given the book's topic and the importance of understanding a person's speaking position. This is something I intended to reference in more depth within the book itself, but I know it will also matter to some potential contributors when deciding whether to contribute. The change has been made only here on the blog, not on the 'all information' pdf.

16 Sept 2011

Thomas Guerrier has brought to my attention a documentary he produced on this topic for the Doctor Who DVD range - it's worth a look at the preview clips, part 1 HERE and part 2 HERE.

And Brian Boyd has brought to my attention his popular-style essay on archaeology and Doctor Who, which touches on the theme of archaeology as colonial project. It is entitled 'The Myth Makers: Archaeology in Doctor Who' and is published in Miles Russell, ed., Digging Holes in Popular Culture: Archaeology and Science Fiction, Oxon: Oxbow Books, 2002, 30-37.