Recommended Reading

Before writing your expression of interest for the book you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with any of the following works that may be relevant to your particular topic, since originality is one of the selection criteria. The first four are all works published in books or academic journals that focus on themes of race in Doctor Who. The other five are a selection of relevant blog posts on the topic, though this is not a comprehensive list of every blog post out there about this.

Works published in books and academic journals, in order of publication

Nick Caldwell, “A decolonising Doctor? British SF invasion narratives”, M/C: A Journal of Media and Culture, 2, 2 (1999), online.

Alec Charles, “The ideology of anachronism: television, history and the nature of time”, in David Butler, ed., Time And Relative Dissertations In Space: Critical Perspectives on Doctor Who, Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2007, 108-122.

K. Tempest Bradford, “Martha Jones: Fangirl Blues”, in Lynne M. Thomas and Tara O’Shea, eds., Chicks Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who by the Women Who Love It, Des Moines: Mad Norwegian Press, 2010, 168-174.

Lindy A. Orthia, “‘Sociopathetic abscess’ or ‘yawning chasm’? The absent postcolonial transition in Doctor Who”, Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 45, 2 (2010), 207-225. If you do not have access to this journal, you can view the submitted version of the paper here (minor changes were made prior to publication).

A selection of blog posts, in order of publication

The Angry Black Woman, “ABW’s TV Corner — Doctor Who” (9 May 2007), The Angry Black Woman. Retrieved 1 September 2011 at

neadods, “Mickey, Martha, and the Message that Doesn’t Belong on Who” (1 July 2007), Life on Martha. Retrieved 1 September 2011 at

karnythia, “Martha as Mammy and yet more ‘ism’s in the Whoverse” (2 July 2007), Life on Martha. Retrieved 1 September 2011 at

Graeme McMillan, “Why This Doctor Disappoints” (4 January 2009), io9. Retrieved 1 September 2011 at

Kate Orman, “One of us is yellow” (16 October 2009), Another Redhead Against Racism. Retrieved 1 September 2011 at